BRG Miata. Now with 50% less eyesore.

greeny.miata.64I wanted to make the car drivable again, even if it was temporary.

greeny.miata.65The car will need a new rad support/ front clip welded to it; the bumper mounts are bent, and the rad support has been cut and beat into submission.  Now, it sort of looks like a car again, and I can park it in the driveway without attracting too much attention.



I snapped on the full tonneau cover.   It’s been modified to fit the rollbar; kind of cool.  It’s a little weird that there are no provision for headrests; you have to slide the seat forward then recline it way back in order to zip the top up.greeny.miata.60

ANOTHER Miata. BRG with a bashed in face.


This 1991 British Racing Green Miata was someone’s baby.  These were limited to 4000 cars, and they are numbered.  This one is #676.  The stack of records is amazing, and the car is dripping in interesting aftermarket parts.


Here’s the pics ‘as bought’.  I’ll dink around with this for a bit, but I think I’m going to get some good stuff off it, get it streetable again, and sell it off.  The rad support sheet metal is very damaged, and the frame rails are bent in that area.  It would need to have the frame pulled and a new upper rad support assembly welded on.   I’ll post more pics as I straighten it out.

Miata Power Steering Delete Pulley

Really, I’m adding this so I don’t forget it. The time will come, shortly, when I tire of the power steering fluid drip on my garage floor from The Black Car.  Maybe I will want to re-install AC on The White Car.  Either way, I will need this bracket.

Mazda part # BP01-15-930 is now NLA; luckily, there is a Kia part number that is the same part!


It’s from a mid-90’s Sephia, and it works just fine for us.

I would imagine this part will not be available forever.  I’ll buy one and model it before I install it so I can have them machine going forward.

Details and pic came from user TheScaryOne in AZ. Thanks.