16 thoughts on “VW Wiring Diagram PDFs; 1982, 1983, 1984”

  1. I need vw wiring diagram pdf; rabbit 1981. I have some problems with lights brake, turn, emergency, etc

  2. Hi Jorge,
    This is all I have, sorry.
    You may be able to use the 82 diagram, unless the 81 to 82 model year is when they switched from the old ‘ceramic’ style fusebox. If that’s the case, it’ll be different.

    I just don’t remember the changeover year off the top of my head.

  3. My 1982 VW CLS Jetta 2 doesn’t charge the battery the alternator keeps burning the rotor pinion every time I replace it.

  4. These PDF’s are super helpful for me but I still need wiring for the 18 pin dash cluster plug. Every manual I have found has the other 16 pin cluster and plug illustrated. Do you know anything about these 18 pin dash clusters?

    1. This is all I have… I think I’ve messed with the 18pin style, but it’s been a while. If I did, I didn’t have a diagram! Best of luck.

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