30 thoughts on “VW Wiring Diagram PDFs; 1982, 1983, 1984”

  1. I need vw wiring diagram pdf; rabbit 1981. I have some problems with lights brake, turn, emergency, etc

    1. Im trying to change my 14 pin cluster to 18 pin. Dash Insterment panel also. Need wire diagram for 18 pin plug to install improperly… Can any one help

  2. Hi Jorge,
    This is all I have, sorry.
    You may be able to use the 82 diagram, unless the 81 to 82 model year is when they switched from the old ‘ceramic’ style fusebox. If that’s the case, it’ll be different.

    I just don’t remember the changeover year off the top of my head.

  3. My 1982 VW CLS Jetta 2 doesn’t charge the battery the alternator keeps burning the rotor pinion every time I replace it.

  4. These PDF’s are super helpful for me but I still need wiring for the 18 pin dash cluster plug. Every manual I have found has the other 16 pin cluster and plug illustrated. Do you know anything about these 18 pin dash clusters?

    1. This is all I have… I think I’ve messed with the 18pin style, but it’s been a while. If I did, I didn’t have a diagram! Best of luck.

  5. Any clue if this 1984 (Vanagon) is actually for 1984. There were two different model engines that year, air cooled and water cooled.

    1. It’s a factory manual. I’m not sure when it was produced, but this is the info that the guys at the dealership had at their disposal (for better or worse…). I haven’t looked at the diagram – but look for signs of the cooling system (coolant temp sender, etc). Maybe that’ll narrow it down for you.

  6. although i have the physical copy
    these pdf are indespensible

    thanks for posting them
    your “page 1” appears to be missing which contains the publisher dates
    mine says 12/84

  7. You sir are a wonderful human for hosting these. Thank you. Helping me immensely with my 81 Rabbit 4 door 16valve conversion.

  8. Thanks for sharing all this information, great stuff that includes several models and years. I f someone is looking for something specific, then she/he has to dig into this files as I had to do (1984 VW Scirocco).

    Thanks again !

  9. Hi will bee happy to get a wire diagram to my old veteran VW pickup LT 35 6 Cyl year 1983 …? (Rebuild to an mobilhome )

  10. Thank you so much for posting these. Now I can get to work sorting the electrics out on my 83 cab. Its looks like a blind plumber has been at it. It’s in a shocking (pardon the pun) state at the moment

  11. Thank you so much for posting these diagrams i have a 1985 pickup i’m sure these will work for it too.

  12. A quick heads up the Quantum diagrams show the coolant level warning relay in the relay lay out for the 1983 & 84 Turbo Diesel but don’t show it in the wiring diagrams. The Bentleys does

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