Jetta TDI Cup Decal

I made these up for someone recently.  I thought they came out cool.


The pics show them a little darker than they really are.  They’re on Light Grey Avery vinyl.  Let me know if you want some.


The TDI cup was a pretty cool 1-make (duh) series that featured rookie drivers and was televised almost like a reality-TV type show.  The cars ended up being purchased by New Jersey Motorsports park after the series ended.  From what I know, you can rent one and fling it around the ‘Lightning’ course for a few hours.




2 thoughts on “Jetta TDI Cup Decal”

    1. Email me at chris at
      I don’t have any ready to go, but I can cut them for you in a day.
      I’ve got a bunch of different colors – mostly really nice cast vinyl, too.

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