VW Rabbit Caribe Hatch Stripe Decal

caribe.hatch01I found a pair of cool old NOS ‘Caribe’ rear hatch decals.  The Caribe is the Mexican market name for the Mk1 Golf/ Rabbit.  I like it.

These stickers are *well* beyond their prime.  The old 3m vinyl is either not sticky at all, fragile like an onion skin, or gooey and gross.  These guys are all 3 at the same time.



Here’s the Google Translation (engrish) for the sticker installation instructions:


Number of part VWM-001-774

GL Automatic

Place correctly their strips "caribe"

1- wash the car body , leaving it free of dust and grease
2- 2 strips of self-adhering film .18 x .015 meters are included . to plug holes bodywork
3- This strip holding it in place with adhesive tape
4- using the tape to the center as a " hinge" peel off the protective paper on the right side , cut the paper near the center and discard
5- paste the strip gradually , starting in the center and towards the end front
6- repeat this opereacion the left side
7- if any blisters or trapped air bubbles formed, drill a hole with a pin and pull the air with the tip of the thumb
8- observe the directions of this instruction to the grate an attractive and permanent decoration of its " Caribbean"

caribe.hatch04I cut one in half (in the name of science!) and used packing tape to stick it to a piece of fiberboard.  Made some measurements and… a bitchin’ new sticker is born.



I no longer have a Mk1, so who is going to step up and run the Caribe logo on their Rabbit?  $35 for the one pictured.  I can modify these to say other things as well… RABBIT diesel S, RABBIT fuel injection GTI, etc.  We can get weird if that’s your thing, too.

These are cut from the Automotive-grade Oracal that I always use.  No cheapy vinyl here!


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