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The Chopster build part 13

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

yay. more pictures.
Let the channel begin!

So, I cut the ‘lip’ off the pans, then cut them the long way in half. I trimmed the bulkheads so the body would fit over it, then trimmed the square-front-firewall piece to the right height. I need to buy some 1×1″ box tubing to make a mount for the rear bulkhead, and then I’ll weld it shut.
Once the front and rear are solid, the floor halves can go back in.

I also need to make that rear end go down 1 notch. The rear wheels should be de-cambered then.

BTW: this is NOT the tire/ wheel combo I’ll be running. The rear wheels need a lot more negative offset to clear the body!

The Chopster build part 12

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Real life got in the way and I forgot to update you guys…
Got the oval clip in… I love the patina on that section…

Rumor Mill: This rag section is off a Movie Herbie! *

Cut the dash out. I was going to smooth it, but now I have other plans– I kind of like the look of that opening there.

When I installed the roof clip, I removed all the spot welds to delete the headliner ‘claws’. I also pulled them all out of the car (that took a lot of time!) Since the car will never see a headliner, it’ll add to a cleaner look when it’s painted.

*actually a rumor created by me. Could be real… Original ragtop, Original paint. Original painted stripes. White cloth top… who knows- it could be true!?!?

The Chopster build part 11

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Here’s some pics from Monday:

The rear side window…
I re-shaped the back curve using pieces from the donor top. The inside lip isn’t real nice, but the outer curve (the part you’ll see after the windows are in) is OK.
They’ll take a bit of bumping to get the C pillar back in shape…

Here are the patch panels I had to make out of some more scraps. When the top was dropped onto the bottom, the wheel well/ drip rail/ decklid corner got really ugly. I shaped and welded the patches in to extend the fender mounting surface up in a natural arc. I also shortened the drip rail about 5″.
You can also see some rot that was on the donor top.

I cleaned up my Oval donor clip for installation:

The Chopster build part 10

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Just as I suspected, the project has *officially* gone completely out of control.

I can only blame myself.

The original plans were to chop the roof on and drive the thing– welds exposed and unground and all. But then I found myself trying to make it look *nice*, and that was it’s undoing. So, here I am, about a month over schedule with a car I’m still obsessing over. Things could be worse.

Anyway, back to the progress!

Glenn (pimp syncro) has donated a sunroof ‘hole’ and brought an oval window section back from a local swap. I stopped by last night to brainstorm on the install.

I need to take more pics, but the rear side windows are done and re-radiused, and the rear is finally trimmed off.

Theres a new panic point, and that is motor-to-body clearance. Walt’s fan shoud runs pretty close to the body, and that’s with just the ‘leatherman’ chop. My car will also be channeled and possibly tranny raised 1″. I may need to change the motor tins to Type 3, but that will increase the length of the motor and I’ll need to re-think the decklid. If I get very lucky I may be able to tuck the motor up behind the vents on the Oval section. It’s a lot bigger than the late style, but I’m not sure it’ll line up right. I’ll keep ya posted.

The Chopster build part 9

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)


I got the pan and trans painted and together, and Glenn robbed me of my drop spindles… as we were swapping them, Glenn suggested we throw the body on the pan for the Party he was having that night.
One thing lead to another and within a few minutes, the seat rails were chopped out, the trailing arms flipped (for now, until I build the new beam) and we threw it up there:

The rear isn’t lowered yet (duh)
Hey, it’s Rosie the Riviter and the dog from Fraiser!