The Chopster build part 13

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

yay. more pictures.
Let the channel begin!

So, I cut the ‘lip’ off the pans, then cut them the long way in half. I trimmed the bulkheads so the body would fit over it, then trimmed the square-front-firewall piece to the right height. I need to buy some 1×1″ box tubing to make a mount for the rear bulkhead, and then I’ll weld it shut.
Once the front and rear are solid, the floor halves can go back in.

I also need to make that rear end go down 1 notch. The rear wheels should be de-cambered then.

BTW: this is NOT the tire/ wheel combo I’ll be running. The rear wheels need a lot more negative offset to clear the body!