The Chopster build part 10

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Just as I suspected, the project has *officially* gone completely out of control.

I can only blame myself.

The original plans were to chop the roof on and drive the thing– welds exposed and unground and all. But then I found myself trying to make it look *nice*, and that was it’s undoing. So, here I am, about a month over schedule with a car I’m still obsessing over. Things could be worse.

Anyway, back to the progress!

Glenn (pimp syncro) has donated a sunroof ‘hole’ and brought an oval window section back from a local swap. I stopped by last night to brainstorm on the install.

I need to take more pics, but the rear side windows are done and re-radiused, and the rear is finally trimmed off.

Theres a new panic point, and that is motor-to-body clearance. Walt’s fan shoud runs pretty close to the body, and that’s with just the ‘leatherman’ chop. My car will also be channeled and possibly tranny raised 1″. I may need to change the motor tins to Type 3, but that will increase the length of the motor and I’ll need to re-think the decklid. If I get very lucky I may be able to tuck the motor up behind the vents on the Oval section. It’s a lot bigger than the late style, but I’m not sure it’ll line up right. I’ll keep ya posted.