3d printed ‘Game of Life’ wedding cake topper

I was on VW Vortex back in 2010 and someone was asking if anybody knew anything about 3d Printing.  One thing lead to another and I made up a couple of quick SolidWorks models and printed them out for him.

Here’s the thread:  VW Vortex Thread







I wish I knew the size of the cake it was going on…  it’s a *little* big. 😉

Tiny cake, huge topper.



Edit: 8/25/14:  So a few years after this initial  post, I’ve had a few people interested in these for their wedding cake!  Here was a slightly different one I did about 14 months ago:

Contact me if you’re interested.  I’ll need to customize the inscription for you.

I could also sell you just the .stl model if you know someone who has a printer or if you want it made out of something fancy.  Shapeways offers polished Gooooold if you’re looking to spend a few grand!

7 thoughts on “3d printed ‘Game of Life’ wedding cake topper”

    1. YES!!! So sorry but I’ve been scouring the web for this. This is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for — can I bug you for this as well?

  1. Hi, I know it’s been a few years since this post, but is this still available? We’re looking for a cake topper just like this one for our wedding. Thanks

      1. As one of the people who commented before- we got this for our wedding three years ago and it was SO worth it! We kept the car white and painted the pegs. So many great comments on it and it was the perfect topper for our board game themed wedding!!!

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