3d printed ‘Game of Life’ wedding cake topper

I was on VW Vortex back in 2010 and someone was asking if anybody knew anything about 3d Printing.  One thing lead to another and I made up a couple of quick SolidWorks models and printed them out for him.

Here’s the thread:  VW Vortex Thread







I wish I knew the size of the cake it was going on…  it’s a *little* big. 😉

Tiny cake, huge topper.



Edit: 8/25/14:  So a few years after this initial  post, I’ve had a few people interested in these for their wedding cake!  Here was a slightly different one I did about 14 months ago:

Contact me if you’re interested.  I’ll need to customize the inscription for you.

I could also sell you just the .stl model if you know someone who has a printer or if you want it made out of something fancy.  Shapeways offers polished Gooooold if you’re looking to spend a few grand!

4 thoughts on “3d printed ‘Game of Life’ wedding cake topper”

    1. YES!!! So sorry but I’ve been scouring the web for this. This is EXACTLY what we’ve been looking for — can I bug you for this as well?

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