Tombstone repair

The center console/ tombstone was smashed when I bought the car.  The previous owner had someone install a radio, and they didn’t mount it to the dash, they mounted it to the tombstone directly.

I ended up using epoxy to piece it together, then I used SolidWorks and the Dimension 3d printer to make an ABS plastic insert to fill the radio hole.  I epoxied it into place then used a bit of Evercoat Rage filler to smooth it out.  I painted it with Rustoleum Satin black (restoration in a can), then used Plastidip on top to make the texture match the rest of the dash. It came out blotchy.

All in all, it came out pretty good, I will probably re-create it and a shorty shifter console completely in SolidWorks eventually.  I’d like to make a mold from the 3d Printer and lay a few up in fiberglass or carbon fiber.