Quick and Dirty Bomber Seat Plans

bomber.seat.plans.1Here’s a quick drawing for some aluminum bomber seats.

These are made from .090″ 5052-H32 Aluminum.

bomber.seat.plans.2Use the construction lines on the drawing to note where the sides and back roll up.  Roll up the edges with a 2″ radius; roll the back up with a 3″ radius to about 60degrees.  After you roll the back up, the sides should overlap; rivet them together.

You’re on your own with mounting them into whatever deathtrap /hot rod you’re building.


Contact me if you want the SolidWorks .sldprt

9 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Bomber Seat Plans”

    1. Hi guys,
      All the dimensions are there in the photograph for you to grab.

      If you’d like the .sldprt files already done, you can contact me and I’ll send them to you for a $10usd fee.

      Otherwise, fire up your favorite modelling program and steal the dimensions!

      1. Hi Chris, I am happy to send you US$10 for a copy of the solid works dwg of the quick and dirty bomber seat plans. Can I pay you usiong Paypal?

    1. These are made from .090″ 5052-H32 Aluminum
      but you could make them from whatever you want and make changes as necessary…

      I don’t know the weight- they’re just plans.

  1. Would love a quick n’ dirty DXF of this seat. There are just too many death traps in my world that need a seat. Thanks!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks, I’m a novice metal worker and these will be great in my ratrod. Had alot of fun building them.

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