Wheels, Tires, Frame Rails, and AC

Daily driving the 93 now, it’s been pretty good so far.  Not the quickest car on the street, but I haven’t touched the timing on this.  Maybe there’s a bit of pep left in this 200,000 mile lump.

I picked up a few cans of R12 and a great set of R12 gauges.  Unfortunately, the compressor wouldn’t kick on no matter what I did during my testing. I ended up bypassing the safety switch at the compressor.by jumping the wires, and the compressor kicked on.  I threw a can of R12 in – but it only lasted about a month.  There’s a leak somewhere.  I’m going to hold off on putting in the rest of my precious R12 until I decide if I’m installing the 1.8L engine from my parts car.

I sold the XXR’s that came with the car and threw on the TR Motorsport 15×8 et20’s with Yokohama 195’s that I had on the White Car.  I ran them for a few days, and someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse on them.  With my winnings, I bought… (drumroll, please) another set of TR Motorsports wheels with Yoko S-drives! This time, 205/50/15.  Crazy.

I also installed a set of FM chassis rails.  This car’s rails were beyond bad.  I didn’t take a pic, but I promise to the next time I’m under this car.  I needed to beat them with a deadblow, squeeze them with a c-clamp, and swear and curse at them until they were able to fit under the FM rails.  The rails transformed this car. The White Car didn’t see this kind of improvement when I installed the rails, but that chassis was mint. Most of the groans and rattles were gone.  Good upgrade.