My wife is an awesome cook… F1 style.

My wife saw the movie Julie & Juila. In case you missed it (?!?!), it was about a girl who reads a Julia Child Cookbook and decides to cook the recipes while blogging about it.

She was inspired.

She has always been a good cook, but the meals were always old favorites and not particularly attractive.

While she was searching for something to fuel her culinary inspiration, I half-jokingly suggested using the F1 calendar as her guide. She dug the idea and started this:

Not much to read, only a couple of iPhone pics for each meal, but I think it’s pretty cool that she’s using my sport as something that interests her.  I don’t know how to cook, but I do know how to eat.

I’m lucky. I got a good one. Even if she is an Alonso fan. <facepalm>


Pic of Australia on Australian meat-pie thing