Finally on the track

I finally got the car onto the track.  A few track days at New Jersey Motorsports Park – Lightning circuit.  The car handled well – I was impressed on how easy it was to drive at speed. The tires are still the Yoko S-Drives, and although they are great street tires, they were making quite a racket when pushed.

It was a good time, with no car issues all.  It really held it’s own through the esses and the lightbulb… and was decimated on the front stretch by the R8s/ Corvettes/ Camaros.  LOL.

The car number was a nod to my Uncle John’s motorsport effort: the 747.  The 747 has been around since forever in different forms and usually wildly successful.  Currently, the Sprint Car is driven by Davey Sammons, and the Modifieds are driven by Ryan Godown.  These guys are fast, and the cars look fantastic.

I borrowed these pics from Here’s a link to their site: 3 Wide Picture Vault