The Chopster build part 7

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Uggg… here’s the latest report.

Shortly after getting the front half of the roof on, I got sick for about a week– and then had out of town guests spend 4 days at my house…
So I have wasted about 10 days or so, and will not make my 30-calendar-day goal to get the body back in 1 piece.
I’m obviously going to keep going— at the same pace– I’ll keep you posted on the exact days and a rough amount of hours as well… If I could do it in 30 working days, that’d be cool.

I estimate about 100 hours into getting the body cut and welded. 80 of them are probably sitting, staring at the car and moving tools to and from the garage.

My friend suggested using a ratchet strap to align the pillars closer to each other and put the roof ‘into shape’. Worked great. I’m a little concerned that the A pillars may be a touch too high (the drip rail must flow nicely), but we’ll see when I get the rest of the roof on.
I got three (out of 4) roof filler sections on yesterday and it’s pulling together well.

I also filled the trim holes and all the misc holes on the driverside.

I can put about 3-4 hours in tonight.

Chiuauas are everywhere here… They’re like cockroaches. You can’t step a few feet without a few crunching under your toes.

J/K, that’s one of my helpers. We’re both pissed at the roof. What a whore it’s been. There’s still a slight ripple in it, and If I can’t cure it with filler I’m cutting a ragtop in.