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VW Rabbit Pickup tailgate logo reproduction

After a ton of trial-and-error, the Rabbit Pickup/ Caddy tailgate logo letters are finally done.

These are also made of Oracal 751.  I’d suggest putting them on in groups of 2 letters at a time.  After cutting a test sticker, installing it, noting where it needed to change, then re-cutting, I was able to get a 1 piece install on my tailgate that looked and fit great.   There must be some differences in the stamping on these, though, because it missed the mark on a different tailgate.  YMMV.  Chop ’em up and install them slowly.

In this pic, they’re applied over the original cracky ones – by applying them 2 letters at a time, I was able to get good results.  It’s better if you just get rid of the cracked ones, obviously.

This happened while peeling off a test set that was cut from some scrap orange vinyl.  I can see people wanting this.



Part number 179-847-681

Here’s a post for the search engines!

179 847 681

Volkswagen part number 179 847 681 ‘handle’, is the latch for the sliding window on a US-built, 3 piece rear window slider for a Rabbit Pickup.

This one came with my pickup in the spare parts box.  the one off the truck was missing.  The plastic ‘living hinge’ for a lock mechanism is terrible; I’m happy to have a brand new one.