Rabbit Pickup / Caddy taligate latch fix

IMG_0433This is the clip that can be used to fix your tailgate latch when it finally crumbles to dust.  Napa #735-2637; it is less than $5.  Grab 2.

I find it’s easiest to install if you lie on the floor with the tailgate in the open position above you.  Remove the latches from the side with the 3x10mm bolts, just to be sure the rod is attached.  I then ‘jam’ the latch open by sticking a screwdriver in between the wedge and the bracket.  Re-install the latch while aiming the rod at the handle.  Once you can see the rod in the handle hole, hook it up with your new clip and pull out your screwdriver jammed in the latch.

What’s that?  You can’t get your lid open because the clip broke?  I’ll try and get some pics tomorrow of the ’emergency release’ holes I drilled in my lid.

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