The Chopster build part 15

(this was originally posted on while I built the car)

Wow, I’ve been so caught up with everything else, I forgot to post here.

Not much more in the way of ground breaking progress, but the doors are (sort of) done, and the hood is (sort of) done, and the wheel wells are (sort of) done. I also threw a light coat of rattle-can primer on it so it looks like a car. I’ll sand it back down to bare metal when I do the body work.

I’m actually trying to get my 65 on the road so I can empty my garage to do the bodywork and paint on the chopster. I just need to pick up a load of powdercoating and get it insured…

Onto the pics:

Here’s what I’ve been working on instead of the Chopster:

Quite a jump from the dracula bug, huh?

Once this car is sorted, I’ll bring the chopster back to my place and finish it up.