Check for Correct Starting Procedure

Check for correct starting procedure

  1.  It is important that the correct starting procedure is followed when starting a cold engine.
  2.  Pull out the cold start timing advance knob.
  3.  Turn the ignition on, the glow plug light should come on.
  4.  After the glow plug light goes out, place the transmission in neutral and depress the clutch pedal.
  5.  Depress and hold the accelerator pedal depressed if the temperature is below freezing.
  6.  Engage the starter.
  7.  Do not operate the starter for more than 10 seconds.
  8.  If the engine does not start, wait about 30 seconds and pre-glow again.
  9.  The cold start knob can be pushed in after the engine has run about 2 minutes.

On a warm engine the glow plug light will not come on. Do not pull out the cold start timing advance knob.  The engine can be started immediately.

If necessary, connect engine tester VW 1367 (or a diesel tachometer) and check the cranking speed.

Cold cranking speed must be at least 150 rpm.

If the cranking speed is above 150 rpm but the engine will not start, see THIS LINK.

If the cranking speed is below 150 rpm see THIS LINK.


NOTE:  if for any reason an auxiliary power unit is used to “jump” start the car, system voltage must not exceed 16 volts.