Check for Vibration Damper

(1981 & 1982 only)

Check to see that:1.092

  • The vibration clamper is installed in the front bumper with the insulating strip.
  • ‘f not, install vibration damper.
    1. Remove the front license plate bracket with the plastic inserts.
    2. Mark and drill a 10.5 mm hole midway between the license plate bracket holes and 44.5 mm from the back edge of the bumper.
    3. Install the vibration damper with the insulating strip on the inside of the bumper.
    4. The damper weight should be towards the left side of the car.
    5. Torque the bolt to 55-67 Nm (40-50 ft. lbs.)
    6. Reinstall the license plate bracket.