Check / Adjust Engine Mounts

Check engine mounts

Visually inspect the gaps in the right and left engine mounts to see if the mounts are collapsed.

On cars with dealer installed air conditioning:

If the right side engine mount is collapsed, replace it with the type of mount used on cars with factory installed air-conditioning.

Adjust engine mounts

Loosen the attachment bolts for the left and right engine mounts.

Loosen the body brackets for the front and rear engine mounts.

Move the engine/transmission assembly from side to side so that the rear engine mount is straight.  Start the engine and let it idle.

Move the engine/transmission assembly frontwards and backwards until;

The least amount of engine vibration is felt in the front bumper.

Hold the engine/transmission assembly at this point while a second mechanic tightens the engine mounts.

Tighten engine mounts

Tighten the mounts in the following order:

  1. Rear
  2. Right
  3. Left
  4. Push up slightly on the front mount bracket to center the mount in the bracket and tighten.