Oil in Air Cleaner; 1.5L Rabbit and Pickup

To prevent oil from entering the air cleaner on 1.5 liter diesel engines, a modified breather hose assembly should be installed.

First check to see if the modification has already been installed, if not:

  1. Remove hoses from the engine block flange.
  2. Remove the engine block flange and install the new flange supplied in the kit.
  3. Oh cars without a vacuum pump, plug the unused connection on the flange with the cap supplied in the kit.
  4. Install the new crankcase breather hose as shown in the illustration.

If the modification has been previously installed and excessive oil is found in theair cleaner, check the oil pressure. If the pressure relief valve in the oil pump is sticking, excessive oil pressure will result and too much oil may be supplied to the cylinder head. This could cause oil deposits in the air cleaner.

  1. Remove the oil pressure switch on back of the cylinder head.
  2. Connect an oil pressure gauge to the engine.
  3. Start the engine and measure the oil pressure. (The engine must be fully warmed)
  4. Maximum oil pressure = 7 bar (102 psi) at 5000 RPM.