Fuel Filter Installation and Draining

The diesel fuel system uses a special fuel filter combined with a water separator. This filter is designed to allow sufficient fuel flow while maintaining maximum filtering capability. After market fuel filters do not always meet these requirements. If the wrong fuel filter is used, the result may be impaired performance or damage to the fuel system (injection pump or injectors). It is important that only approved fuel filters are installed during maintenance or repairs.

Fuel filter replacement

When replacing the fuel filter, the inner O ring on the filter flange mounting stud is not required. If the O ring is broken or lost, operation of the filter will not be affected.

Some fuel filters have a plastic sleeve to help protect the filter from becoming punctured in the event of an accident. When the fuel filter is replaced, the sleeve must be removed from the old filter and installed on the new filter.


Draining fuel filter

The fuel filter should be drained at 7,500 mile intervals and changed at 15,000 mile intervals. To drain the fuel filter:

  1. Loosen the vent screw
  2. Remove the two filter flange mounting nuts, and lift the filter assembly up.
  3. Loosen the drain screw.
  4. Drain the fuel into a container until the drained fuel is pure.