A/C Compressor Cut-Out Switch

An A/C compressor clutch cut-out switch can be installed on diesels with air conditioning. This will ensure that maximum engine power is available during full throttle by eliminating the drag of the air conditioning compressor. A kit, part #ZVW- 449-963, is available through the parts department.

To install the cut-out switch:

  1. Remove the middle bolt of the accelerator bracket.
  2. Install the switch assembly on the top of the accelerator bracket and tighten the bolt.
    • Some cars will have a bracket for the upshift light switch.
    • To install the cut-out switch on these cars, grind a slot in the switch bracket as shown.
  3. Route the switch harness towards the A/C compressor and secure it with wire tie wraps.
  4. Disconnect the A/C compressor clutch wire connection and connect the cut-out switch wiring harness between the two connectors.


To adjust the cut-out switch:

Move the throttle to the full throttle position.

The switch should operate about 1.6mm before the full throttle position is reached.

If necessary, adjust by bending the cut-out switch bracket