Check Fuel System for Air Leaks

Check for air leaks

  1. Start the engine and run it at about 2000 RPM.
  2. Check the clear fuel supply line.
    • A steady stream of bubbles indicates either an air leak in the fuel supply system or water in the fuel filter. (A few bubbles may appear, this is normal)1.088
  3. Check for air leaks caused by :
    • Loose fuel filter
    • Loose connections on fuel filter assembly
    • Loose union bolt on fuel pump
    • Loose connections at fuel supply lines
    • Loose bleeder screw on filter housing
  4. If no air leaks are found and if bubbles still appear, check for water in the fuel.
    • Drain the water trap in the fuel filter
    • Open the bleeder screw on the filter flange.
    • Loosen the drain plug on the filter.
    • Drain the fuel into a container until the drained fuel is pure.
    • Tighten the drain plug and the bleeder screw.