Check / Adjust Valve Timing

Check valve timing1.073

Turn crankshaft to align slot in rear of camshaft with valve cover sealing surface




Install camshaft and cam lock bar.  Center camshaft by inserting feeler gauges between each end of the bar and the head.
The gap should be equal on both sides.


1.075With camshaft aligned, check that flywheel is exactly on TDC.
If not, adjust valve timing.




Adjust valve timing

1.076If valve timing is out of adjustment:

  • Remove spur belt cover.
  • Install locking bar to hold camshaft.
  • Loosen camshaft sprocket bolt one turn.
  • Tap backside of camshaft sprocket with rubber hammer to loosen.
  • The camshaft sprocket is fitted to the camshaft with a “locking taper” and does not use a locating key.



Align camshaft with cam locking plate and feeler gauges.



  • Check that locating marks on sprocket, bracket and pump body are aligned.
  • Set flywheel to TDC.
  • Note: if drive belt is removed, lock injection pump sprocket with locking pin 2064.



  • Install belt tension gauge (VW 210) on spur belt between cam sprocket and pump sprocket.
  • Set belt tension gauge to 12 to 13mm.
    • Turn belt tensioner clockwise until reference mark on tool (12 to 13mm) is aligned with edge of barrel.
  • 1.079Special 2-pronged tool required on 1981 and later cars to turn belt tensioner.
  • Tighten tensioner nut to 33 ft.lbs.
  • Tighten cam sprocket bolt to 33 ft.lbs.
  • Make sure flywheel remains on TDC.
  • Remove Injector pump lock pin and cam lock plate.
  • Turn crankshaft clockwise 2 turns.
  • Strike belt with a rubber hammer between cam sprocket and injection pump sprocket.
  • Recheck valve timing with cam lock bar on and flywheel at TDC.
  • Recheck belt tension with gauge.
  • Re-install spur belt cover/valve cover.