Check the engine oil viscosity and install an optional engine or battery heater

Check engine oil

1.023If the battery passed a load test and the starter connections are o.k., the problem could be:

  • Engine oil that is too thick for temperature conditions
  • Excessive engine drag
  • A problem in the starter itself

First check to see what grade engine oil is in the engine, If there is any doubt or the engine oil had not been changed since the previous season, change the engine oil. Refer to the chart for the proper grade. The viscosity of the oil to be used should be selected for the lowest anticipated temperature at which engine will be started.

For diesel engine use API grade “CC”
For turbo-diesel use API grade “CD”




Install engine and/or battery heater

In northern regions where extreme cold temperatures are experienced it may be necessary to install an engine heater to insure that the car starts. This should only be done after all steps in this diagnosis procedure have been completed and any problems found are corrected.

Several units are available through the VW/Audi parts department. After following installation instructions, the unit can be plugged into house current.