General Description and Characteristics of the Leopard Engine

This engine of the “TaG” series (Touch and Go) has been expressly designed and developed for the powering of karts for hobby racing on closed tracks, destined for this specific purpose. When designing this new line of engines, the technical solutions already adopted for the high performance engines were used, in order to guarantee the highest reliability of components, when the operating limitations are respected.

The motor is a single cylinder using the two stroke principle.

  • The cylinder and the crankcase are in aluminum alloy.
  • The pressed in liner is made of centrifugated cast iron, fully machined to guarantee the best possible stability.
  • The head is separated from the cylinder and secured by studs.
  • The crankshaft is built and supported by two ball-bearings.
  • The crankshaft is of steel alloy, hardened and tempered , as is the connecting rod which runs on roller bearings.

The igniton includes a 4 pole stator/rotor with integral pick-up, an H.T. coil and an electronic unit with micro-processor (Power-Pack), complete with wiring harness.

The main features of the ignition are:

  • During the start of the engine, the power-pack activates a booster which increases the spark energy to facilitate the starting of the engine.
  • The ignition system permits, through the electronic unit, the onboard battery recharging during the normal use of the engine.
  • The spark is generated also without a battery: it is therefore possible, in case of emergency, to start the engine with an external starter unit.

The engine has an integrated electric starter; by pushing the green start button the starter activates a bendix type gear which engages the starter ring assembled on the clutch.

The engine is provided with an automatic dry centrifugal clutch with low maintenance and with interchangeable sprocket.

The carburetor is a diaphragm Tillotson carburetor with integral fuel pump, filter and all position mounting capability.

The battery (12 V- 7.2Ah) is a sealed, no maintenance battery and is supplied already pre-assembled in the Power Pack support box which can be easily adapted to all existing chassis.

The exhaust, included in the supply, is already tuned for the best possible performance.

The engine is supplied with a kit which includes the radiator, the pump, water hoses and whatever necessary for the assembly on the kart.


The characteristics of the engine are  the following :

  • Cycle:
  • Original cubic capacity:
  • Original bore:
  • Max. theoretical bore:
  • Stroke:
  • Lubrication:
  • Induction:
  • Carburetor:
  • Cooling:
  • Ignition:
  • Battery charge:
  • Electric start:
  • Clutch

OTTO / 2 stroke
123.7 cc
54.00 mm
54.28 mm
54.00 mm
Fuel-Oil mix
Reed Valve
Membrane, Tilotson
Digital / 4 poles with rotor
With internal generator
12V/0.30 Kw
Automatic, dry, centrifugal


• Max. RPM :                            15000 RPM

• Min. waterTemperature:         45°c

• Max. water Temperature:       90°c