Fluids, Carb Adjustment, Operation


Use leaded or unleaded Premium Gasoline (92 RON+MON ) mixed with oil  at 6% – (16:1).

Use oils containing Castor Oil which guarantees an optimized lubrication at high temperatures.

On the other hand, use of Castor Oils creates gummy residues which give origin to carbon deposits, it is necessary to check and clean, at least every 5 – 10 hours, the piston and the head.

Our experience dictates use of oils such as:

  • Shell Advance Racing M
  • ELF HTX 909

Once the fuel tank is filled, make sure that gasoline reaches the carburetor before starting the engine.

Never use the electric starter to suck the gasoline as this would discharge the battery.

SUGGESTION:   Disconnect the plastic tube on the carb. and the vent tube on the tank and pressurize the vent tube, until gasoline comes out from the tube on the carb.  Make sure there is no air in the tube.  Connect the tube on the carb. and on the vent.



02-049 Normally the correct setting of the mixture screws is the following:

  • L (close the screw completely and then open): 1 ¼ – 1 ½ T.O.
  • H (close the screw completely and then open): 1 – 1 ¼ T.O.

Based on various factors as altitude, ambient temperature etc. it might be necessary to reset the carburetor to optimize the performance of the engine.


  • Never lean too much as lean mixture will overheat engine and cause seizure

  • Do not force H or L closed. It  may damage the precision machined  orifice and render the carb unserviceable.

  • The adjustment of  screw must be performed with warm engine.




Press the green button on the Power Pack .

If the engine can’t be started within 5 seconds (check that gas gets to the carb.) interrupt and try again after 15 seconds.  Short and frequent tries are better than long ones.

In case the engine can’t be started refer to Par. 16 “Troubleshooting”. The engine can be stopped by pressing the red button on the Power Pack Box. Keep the button pressed until the engine has got to a complete stop.

ATTENTION: In case of rain it is necessary to protect the Power Pack Box with the water proof plastic cover, as otherwise water by entering the box, could damage the circuits beyond repair.

When weather is good, remove the cover as the eventual condensation might damage the electrical circuits.



The break-in of the engine  must be performed following a few fundamental rules:

  1. Adjust the carburetion. Start with an adjustment on the rich side.
  2. Warm the engine gradually for about 5 minutes at half throttle,making some laps at low speed, gently closing and opening the carb. throttle (if a tachometer is installed never exceed 11.000 – 12.000 RPM). Never keep the same RPM for a long time.
  3. Progressively increase the speed of the kart for 5 minutes at ¾ throttle opening.  Never keep the same RPM for a long time.
  4. Increase the speed for 5 minutes, at max. speed on the twisty parts of the circuit and making the engine rich at half straight (cover with the hand for an instant the holes on the air filter, keeping the throttle wide open).

Once the break-in is over and the engine is cold, check the torque of the exhaust header nuts as, during the break-in, the nuts tend to become loose (refer to the attached table).