Fuel Supply

CIS.003The fuel pump pumps fuel from the fuel tank, through the fuel accumulator and fuel filter to the fuel distributor.

The fuel pressure is determined by the system pressure relief valve located in the fuel distributor.

Excess fuel returns from the pressure relief valve to the fuel tank.


CIS.004Fuel Pump

The electric roller cell fuel pump is located near the fuel tank. A one-way check valve is installed at the outlet of the fuel pump. When the fuel pump is turned off, the check valve closes to maintain pressure in the fuel system and to prevent vapor lock.


Fuel Accumulator

When the fuel pump is running, the diaphragm moves to the stop against spring pressure.

When the fuel pump is turned off, the fuel stored under pressure in the accumulator helps to maintain the fuel pressure in the system.


Fuel Filter
A replaceable fine mesh fuel filter prevents dirt from entering the fuel system.